Welcome to the new SBPH.net

A message from the CEO

We are proud to launch a brand new look for our SBPH.net website in keeping with our pledge to bring you a state-of-the-art healthcare facility. We've designed SBPH.net to better serve the people of St. Bernard Parish with user-friendly technology that will enable us to bring you up-to-date information on St. Bernard Parish Hospital.

SBPH.net is your most reliable source of information about St. Bernard Parish Hospital services and real-time content about staff, events and recent developments. SBPH.net will serve as our primary platform for delivering information from our medical team and hospital leadership to help keep you informed and hopefully, keep you well.

Please save www.SBPH.net as a "favorite" on your computer and feel free to "like" us on Facebook.

SBPH.net is a work in progress and will always strive to improve. Over time, we would like to be your online resource for health information and news about St. Bernard Parish Hospital and health related topics.

As the CEO of St. Bernard Parish Hospital, it is a pleasure to provide you with a new hospital and a new website to best meet your healthcare needs.

Wayne J. Landry